Dental Technology

Rockwall dentist Dr. Williamson offers a variety of dental technologies including CEREC, oral cancer screenings, and digital x-rays.Dr. Williamson finds that dental technology is a key factor in the patient experience. Patients who have access to advanced dental technology enjoy safer and more comfortable procedures. Results are highly accurate and recovery time is shorter with the technology we utilize at our practice.

Dr. Williamson stresses continuing education courses and research. She hosts a seminar every year called “Learning on the Lake” where dentists attend to share their expertise and technological knowledge.

When you visit our practice, you can rest assured that you are receiving treatments that utilize the latest dental technology so that you can achieve optimal results.

CEREC Restorations

Who says you can’t transform your appearance in a day? We can create and place your custom-fit dental crowns in a single appointment with CEREC technology.

CBCT Scan: Galileo

This 3D imaging unit gives you and your doctor beautiful, detailed images of the structures inside your mouth. Galileo promises patient comfort and reliable photographs.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera allows Dr. Williamson to view your teeth and gums at various angles that are otherwise impossible to see. This tiny camera will produce images that result in earlier, less invasive treatments.

Overhead TVs

Entertainment is an important part of your dental visit! We want to make sure you feel relaxed and at home when you walk through our doors. You’ll enjoy overhead TVs and other patient amenities during any procedure.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are safer, faster, and more precise than traditional x-rays. They emit up to 80% less radiation than other x-rays, and they guarantee high quality images.

Nomad Handheld X-Rays

Nomad x-rays take the noninvasive and safe nature of digital x-rays to the next level! These handheld x-rays are a comfortable option for young or anxious patients. They emit less radiation than even the digital x-ray.

Oral ID Cancer Screening

OralID is a quick and painless cancer screening process. This technology allows for the early detection of oral cancer. Early detection is critical to improve your chances of surviving this disease.

Dental Wand

Local anesthesia makes every procedure pain-free, but does the idea of an injection make you nervous? The Wand is a pen-like dental tool that makes injections more comfortable than ever. You probably won’t even know when the injection occurs!

Comfort Syringe

Like the Wand, the Comfort Control Syringe allows your dental professionals to administer anesthesia injections with little to no patient discomfort! With the Comfort Syringe, we can deliver the anesthetic slowly to guarantee continuous comfort.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas has helped countless patients overcome feelings of dental fear and anxiety. If thinking about spending time in the dental chair deters you from important health procedures, ask Dr. Williamson about relaxing with laughing gas sedation.


Many patients detest the lasting feeling of numbness after their dental procedures. Oraverse reverses that unwanted numb feeling, and allows you talk, drink, and eat almost immediately after your visit.

Experience Safe and Comfortable Dental Care With Our Great Dental Technology

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