Dr. Karen E. Williamson Reviews

What makes me happy about my heathcare providers: Your office was Covid compliant even before there was Covid-19! I have never seen a more professional, sanitary, health-conscious medical practice and would feel safe in your office during the worst of times (plagues, locusts, etc.). One could eat off the floor in your practice with no worries.
Susan Hamm Bryson

I have been going to Dr.Williamson since we moved to Rockwall almost 10 years ago. She and her staff are without a doubt the very best I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Besides Dr. Williamson being at the very leading edge of current technology, her staff is equally exceptional. Katrina and Leslie take care of you at the front desk, and make everything easy and uncomplicated. My tech, Kelly, is the best I’ve ever had and she is literally pain free! I would not consider going anywhere else and I highly recommend them!
Maurice T

The team at Dr. Williamson always bring their best. I have had a number of procedures at her office and I always leave feeling taken care of whether it is routine cleaning, crown work, or other procedures. Dr. Williamson has an eye for perfection and won’t settle for anything less. I appreciate Dr. Williamson and the care she has provided me and my family.
Scott M

Needed a crown today. Two and 1/2 hours start to finish with breaks during build and firing. Pain free, professional and perfect.
Ken C

I needed a crown. Dr Karen Williamson was incredible. Very caring and very capable with incredible technology. She custom designed and milled/made a crown in office for me and in a couple of hours I had a permanent crown. No temporary crown!
Light C

Dr. Karen Williamson is the most thorough and caring dentist I have ever experienced. She stays up-to-date on the very latest technology and methods. Her staff is always friendly and competent. Looking for an amazing dentist? You just found her!!
Lorilee L

I have used Dr. Williamson for over 20 years now and the work that she and her team does is always exceptional. I am very thankful for the technology advancements that they use to make my experience as convenient and thorough as possible. My entire family uses this practice and will as long as we can.
Scott D

I am a new patient of Dr. Williamson, and I am absolutely pleased not only with Dr. Williamson, but her staff as well. Each time I go back, her staff makes me feel sincerely welcomed, they are extremely professional, and have outstanding patient care and manners. Dr. Williamson has done extensive work on my mouth, and I could not be more thankful and pleased with her work, her professionalism, and true care. Thank you Dr. Williamson, and wonderful staff.
Richard Chancellor Rockwall, Texas.